8-14 September 2019
Toyama International Conference Center
Japan timezone
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Contribution Oral presentation in parallel session

Toyama International Conference Center - 206
Gravitational waves

Investigation of the environment influence for the underground and cryogenic gravitational wave detector, KAGRA.


  • Dr. Takaaki YOKOZAWA

Primary authors


KAGRA is the 2nd generation large gravitational wave detector, which is placed in Japan. There are two characteristic features, underground and cryogenic detector. Toward joining the international network observation, called O3 run, KAGRA must operate with the better sensitivity. For this purpose, we installed the various environmental monitors, such as accelerometer, seismometer, magnetometer, microphone and so on. We will report the investigation of the KAGRA environmental influence to the gravitational wave strain signal. Also, those two features are important technology for the future detectors. We will also investigate the environmental influence toward the future gravitational detectors.