Sep 28 – 30, 2022
Hida City Cultural Communication Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Experiments site visit

A half-day post-workshop experimental sites tour is planned for September 30 if the COVID-19 situation permits. The following information is based on the current plan and will be updated as needed.


You can sign up for the experiment site visit in the workshop registration page. The number of people who can visit the sites is limited so that participants will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. No extra fee is needed for participation in this site visit.

Sites to visit

Tour participants will be divided into several groups. All the group will visit Super-Kamiokande, KamLAND, and the underground Hyper-Kamiokande construction site.

Transportation / Departure / Lunch

We will use chartered buses for the site tour. You can bring your baggage/suitcases to the buses. The buses will leave the workshop venue around 12:00-12:30, just after the end of the session. Lunch boxes will be provided on the buses.


After visiting the underground sites, some buses will head toward Toyama (Toyama Airport and JR Toyama Station), and the other buses will head toward Hida-Furukawa/Takayama (workshop venue and JR Takayama Station). Please select your preferred destination when you sign up. The buses are expected to arrive at each terminus at around 18:00-19:00.