Sep 8 – 14, 2019
Toyama International Conference Center
Japan timezone

The XENONnT Neutron Veto Detector

Sep 11, 2019, 3:30 PM
205 (Toyama International Conference Center)


Toyama International Conference Center
Oral presentation in parallel session New technologies New Technology #3


Dr Shingo Kazama (Nagoya University)


The XENONnT project, the next phase of the XENON program, will feature a new TPC with an active target of ~6 tonnes of Xenon (~4 tonne fiducial) and will implement a series of technological solutions aiming to further suppress the dominant background (BG) sources and boost the physics reach of the experiment. Neutrons are a particularly dangerous BG for direct WIMP dark matter searches; their nuclear recoils with the target nucleus are often indistinguishable from nuclear recoils produced by WIMP-nuclear collisions. To further remove this neutron BG, we surround the large active Xe volume with a dedicated detector capable of tagging neutrons with high efficiency (nVeto), a water Cherenkov detector doped with gadolinium. In this talk, we will report on the design studies, radioactive background requirements and expected performance of the XENONnT nVeto detector.

Primary author

Dr Shingo Kazama (Nagoya University)

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