Sep 8 – 14, 2019
Toyama International Conference Center
Japan timezone

Dark matter distribution in the Galactic dwarf spheroidal galaxies

Sep 10, 2019, 2:00 PM
202 (Toyama International Conference Center)


Toyama International Conference Center
Oral presentation in parallel session Dark matter DM6: Indirect detection


Dr Kohei Hayashi (ICRR, The University of Tokyo)


The Galactic dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxies are excellent laboratories to shed light on fundamental properties of dark matter. In particular, the dSphs are promising targets for the indirect searches for particle dark matter. In order to set robust constraints on properties of dark matter particles, revealing dark matter distributions in these galaxies is of crucial importance. However, there are various non-negligible systematic uncertainties on the estimate of dark matter distributions in these galaxies. Therefore, it is necessary to address the development of dynamical models considering the effects of these systematic uncertainties. In this talk, we will introduce our constructed dynamical models taking into account these uncertainties and present the inferred dark matter profiles in the classical dSphs using their current kinematic data. In addition, as an intriguing result, we will show that some of dSphs favor cusped dark halo rather than cored one even considering a mass-anisotropy degeneracy. Using these dark matter profiles, we will revisit the core-cusp problem and discuss a possible link between the inner slope of their dark halos and the star formation history.

Primary author

Dr Kohei Hayashi (ICRR, The University of Tokyo)


Dr Hajime Sugai (IPMU, The University of Tokyo) Dr Masahiro Ibe (ICRR, The University of Tokyo) Dr Miho Ishigaki (Tohoku University) Dr Shigeki Matsumoto (IPMU, The University of Tokyo) Mr Shun'ichi Horigome (IPMU, The University of Tokyo)

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